Commercial Contracts

One of the most neglected areas of legal advice for businesses is that of commercial contracts. This can cover a multitude of situations. From contracts with suppliers and customers to the engagement of self-employed individuals.Having well-drafted commercial agreements can:

Having well-drafted commercial agreements can:

  • Limit your liability
  • Protect your valuable data
  • Define what you have to pay and what you can recover from the other party
  • Allow you to terminate the agreement when you need to

We have often had to assist clients who have not had any (or suitable) contracts in place and this can leave them very vulnerable to claims or unable to terminate agreements when they want on terms that are favourable to them.We are able to provide a variety of agreements to protect your business.

We are able to provide a variety of agreements to protect your business.Terms of businesses

  • Terms of businesses
  • Appointed representative agreements
  • Introducer Agreements
  • Self-employed contracts
  • Exclusivity agreements

The cost of these, compared to what you could have to pay if you don’t have them in place, makes them very affordable.

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